stake m₳D₳fakka

Join us on our journey in supporting Cardano’s mission to bank the unbanked!

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stake m₳D₳fakka

Reliable. Green. Joyable.


Stake m₳D₳fakka is a Cardano stake pool run by IT professionals, finance yuppies and meme creation professionals.


Energy consumption is an issue for many blockchains. We have ensured that our stake pool is powered by renewable energy 24/7.


Seriousness combined with humour. Being part of Cardano should be joyable. Join our journey and stake with us, m₳D₳fakka!

To the moon and beyond

We decided to get involved in the Cardano project because we really love and support its primary goal of banking the unbanked. If people in less developed countries does not have access to capital and investments, the road to increased living standards and wealth is long. We want to make it shorter!

We believe that Cardano has a bright future of enriching African countries and its citizens. Join our and Cardano’s journey, and stake with us. m₳D₳fakka!


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